Since 2006, Crossroads has been building a relationship and partnership of encouragement and support to one of EFM’s younger missions and to persecuted Christians in the country of Bangladesh. The young Church in Bangladesh is growing, but is continually facing challenges. Not only do they need our church’s heightened prayer and support; but  they need our face to face love and encouragement as well as they share Christ with this Muslim and Hindu country.

The Friends Mission in Bangladesh was started in the summer of 2005 by current Bengali EFM National Leaders, A & M A.

Crossroads has sent a team of people every January or February since 2008 to be with and encourage the Church in Bangladesh and their leaders there in person. Contact for more information  and to inquire about the next trip.  If you would like to support the ministry and the Friends Church in Bangladesh through EFM, please consider giving directly and becoming one of their regular/monthly supporters. The Bangladesh Field Budget is currently an under-funded field.

Pictures from Crossroads visits to Bangladesh: 2009-2015.