Community groups are small groups that gather in homes regularly to live out the ‘sent’ life of the church.  These groups meet outside of the church building and in neighborhoods.  Groups generally meet a couple of times a month for Bible Study, prayer and planning, often around a meal (Gospel).  In addition, they generally have a monthly party or gathering to love and accept people like Jesus did (inclusive community) and a monthly service project or opportunity to serve and bless others like Jesus did, meeting needs (mission).  Crossroads encourages new groups to form out of an eight-week introduction following the Tangible Kingdom Primer. p. 58 TK Primer (by Hugh Halter & Matt Smay)

“Wherever a group of people work together to create a rhythm or balance among communion, community and mission, you will always find the Kingdom.”

Gospel represents those things that build our relationship with God (worship, prayer, wisdom, knowledge, listening, seeking).  Traditionally, many of these elements are linked to a corporate gathering where people come together to experience oneness with God, but experience of these is not necessarily limited to a weekly church service.

Community is about God’s redemptive work in uniting diverse people together in Christ.  The call of community isn’t about finding people just like us, or excluding those who aren’t.  It’s most definitely not about Christians finding other Christian friends.  Community, in the scriptural sense, is the result of unlike people committing to love and serve each other and the world.

Mission represents God’s invitation to every Christ follower to participate in his redemptive work in all aspects of life.  James call this “pure religion” in the sense that mission reflects God’s simple call to make the world, and people’s lives, better.  Living on mission helps us to realize that it’s not all about us.

Join a Community Group

2nd and 4th Wednesdays, generally, for a meal and Bible study.
Community Group Leader: Matt & Carrie Macy
Contact phone: (316) 265-0546
Contact email: Carrie
Serves at: Lord’s Diner and our neighborhoods/communities

Resource Ideas List for Community Groups