GOSPEL   |   Missional Community Resource / Options / Ideas for Gospel / Bible Study:

  • Hugh Halter Tangible Kingdom videos
  • TK Primer, Barefoot Primer or Gospel Primer?
  • reading through a book of the Bible
  • See Communion/5 Questions doc.
  • See B.E.L.L.S. Missional Practices and Rhythms doc.
  • Alpha videos
  • Discover the Life video series
  • David Watson’s Discovery Bible Study is a simple inductive Bible Study method that could be a good “communion time” option. There is a free PDF online that can be downloaded as an orientation. 
  • Ed Stetzer has a small group video series called “Compelled by Love; The Most Excellent Way to Missional Living.” This series consists of missional apologetics for attractional-type small groups, no necessarily from groups who are already on mission. (This should be requested to be borrow from Randy Littlefield.)

COMMUNITY   |   Ideas for Inclusive Community

  • Retreat
  • Dinner parties with neighbors
  • Block parties with neighbors
  • Easter basket making party
  • Girls’ night (Henna party, game night and just eat snacks and talk night)
  • Halloween “party” with inflatable and big candy bars to pass out
  • Ladies Valentine tea party
  • Open house(s)
  • Birthday/Retirement party
  • “Dance” parties
  • Movie nights
  • Throw a shower 

MISSION   |   Ideas for Volunteering as a Group in Wichita

  • Kansas Food Bank. The Kansas Food Bank has a “Kids Backpack Program” where you can volunteer time to sort food into backpacks for hungry kids.  Their hours are 8-4 M-F. For more information visit their website or contact Larry at 265-4421.  Located at 1919 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS 67211.
  • The Lord’s Diner.  Work in the evening serving the meals or during the day to prep the meal for that evening.  For more information visit their website or contact Sheryl at  Located at 520 North Broadway Wichita, Kansas 67214.
  • His Helping Hands.  His Helping Hands is a ministry of Central Christian Church.  They have a warehouse that provides furniture, clothing and technology items to those without.  They need help sorting, repairing and distributing donations.  For more information visit their website or contact Janice Crabtree at 316-838-8528 or  Located at 1441 E 37th St. North Wichita, KS  67219.
  • Interfaith Ministries.  Interfaith Ministries runs a homeless shelter and is in need of groups of 2-3 to cook dinner at the shelter.  For more information visit their website or contact Kat Franchino 316-264-9303 ext 111 or  Located at 829 N Market Wichita Kansas 67214.
  • The Treehouse.  The Treehouse encourages young moms who are in need of support in raising children.  They have a warehouse of supplies for their clients and are in need of help sorting and organizing donations.  For more information visit their website or contact Crystal Fowler at 316-686-2600 or  Located at 151 N. Volutsia  Wichita, KS. 67212.

              |   Ideas for Tangibly Blessing Others 

  • Clean up neighbor’s yard or house or trees
  • Plant flowers, pick up trash, etc. at a local school
  • Work day at Camp
  • Wedding prep help
  • Make food/cookies for neighbors
  • Make and deliver cookies to your neighbors
  • Make and deliver a meal
  • Throw a wedding shower/baby shower

OTHER   |   How do you introduce the concept of missional community? [Some ideas. By Tom Powell.]

Community / Family

  • Pray together – as God leads, not just at planned times
  • Eat together – spend a couple of meal times together each week
  • Celebrate together – holidays, birthdays, parties, etc.
  • Share possessions – be intentional to make needs known and availability of stuff
  • Recreate together – TV, activities, sports, hobbies, trips
  • Be hospitable – be in each other’s homes often. Welcome drop-ins. Let others see your real character as brothers and sisters, not just a façade.
  • Do routine together – shopping, cleaning, housework, home repair, doctor
  • Share burdens – consult and get consensus on major life decisions, including finances
  • Serve together – serve one another and others (volunteer, babysit, share talents)
  • Build up one another – teach biblical truth, speak hard truth in love, confess, encourage, forgive

Mission / Making disciples who make disciples

  • Identify a people group – learn about, serve, and develop a love for a people group you are trying to reach with the gospel
  • Intersect lives – constantly pray and think about how to bring unbelieving people into the family activities listed above – eating, serving, celebrating, sharing, etc.
  • Depend on the Holy Spirit – be willing to risk and act on your prayers – even when it seems impossible
  • Priortize commitments – re-evaluate everything you do, including activities at the church building. Be willing to abandon anything that is not supporting the mission.
  • Radically reorient your life – Think like a missionary when it comes to your job/career, where you live, standard of living, hobbies, entertainment, free time.
  • Make disciples – take personal responsibility the spiritual growth of others including teaching about salvation, baptism, the gospel, the bible, prayer, and how to make disciples. Seek out equipping from leaders in the church.
  • Speak the gospel – Learn how to bring the gospel to bear, not merely as a one-time presentation but on daily life interactions with your group and unbelievers.
  • Multiply – be willing to leave relationships with one group for the sake of multiplying into another.

Check out videos by Alan Hirsch here

  1. What is Incarnational Mission? By Alan Hirsch
  2. Organic Systems Breakout Session by Alan Hirsch
  3. Making and Multiplying Disciples by Neil Cole
  4. Make Disciples Like the Apostles Did by George Patterson
  5. Preparing Disciples to Make Disciples by Neil Cole
  6. How Jesus Sees the Church: Part 1 by Neil Cole
  7. Organic Leadership: Part 1 by Neil Cole
  8. Upgrades for the Future of the Church by Neil Cole

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